Thursday, April 16, 2009


I made a simple delicious risotto for lunch today. Just olive oil to cook the onions, then the arborio rice and homemade chicken stock. Good stock is key. 

I have always used imported Italian Arborio or Carnaroli rice, but an American grown Arborio rice caught my eye on my last trip to the market. I was skeptical about this rice, but here's the surprising verdict: it is as good as Italian rice. This rice makes a creamy risotto that tastes as if I had put half a stick of butter in it even though I didn't use any at all and is excellent al dente. And so...

Gianmarco recommends Lundberg Eco-Farmed White Arborio rice. According to Lundberg, this is the first Arborio rice grown in the USA and it originates from authentic superfine Italian seeds.  I bought it at Whole Foods Market, but hopefully it's more widely available. Go buy it and enjoy.

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