Sunday, May 17, 2009

Italy Trip

I'm going to Italy for two weeks, and it's going to be interesting to have a reminder of how things in Italy taste. When you don't go for a while, you can forget. Sometimes I wonder if my impression that some domestic products are as good is wishful thinking, aided by faded memories of what the real thing tastes like. 

I'll be sure to have a cappuccino (or cappuccio) for breakfast every morning as well as an espresso (or cafe) here and there throughout the day.  Plenty of cured meats will be enjoyed, particularly prosciutto. Gelato as often as possible. Fresh mozzarella from my dad's hometown is going to put my favorite local mozzarella producer to the test. 

I will try to do some posts from the road, otherwise I will do them all when I get back. 

A presto,


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